-        2 or 4 players (singles or doubles) can play 100nuts (just don’t be allergic to nuts; that would be stupid)

-  Place flared vase or bucket up against a wall (dimensions 10”-14”high 5”-  7” top opening; see picture)

-  Place your butt resters (chairs – see picture) 7 Feet from wall

In doubles, teammates alternate rounds

-        Each player selects 5 unshelled nuts from the bag of nuts

-        Players determine the value in points between 1 & 5 of each nut before it is thrown & in any order


It is important to note that nuts of different shapes & weights will throw and handle differently so it is important to pick the right nuts.  It is also common practice to name your nuts and throw them according to their inherent properties.  i.e. the long nut - long slender nuts usually good for the 4 or 5-nut throw; the lone nut – single nuts (nuts usually come in pairs but not always) are good for the 1 or 2-nut because they are light


-        The player must say out loud the value of the nut before tossing the nut

-        Each player alternates throwing his/her nuts into the jar (this is called nutting)

-        When a nut is successfully tossed into the jar the points associated with that nut are awarded and should be circled on the score card

-        After a nut value is selected and thrown it can not be used again in that round

-        All nuts must be thrown in each round (5 nuts each player; 10 nuts total)

-        The maximum possible score for a player in each round is 15nuts

(this is called a perfect-nut)

-        The player to score the most nuts in a given round throws first in the next round

-        The first player (or team) to reach exactly 100nuts wins

-        If a player (or team) goes over 100nuts every nut from the next round is scored negative until their score is back under 100nuts.  Then nuts are scored positively again unless the player goes over 100nuts again.  Nuts are all positive or all negative for a given round. They can not change from positive to negative mid round

-        100nuts must be landed on exactly to win.


1.  10"-14" Vase             2. Two Charis                   3. Unshelled Nuts

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